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Health Department Offers Answers to Affordable Care Act Questions

BLOOMINGTON - The McLean County Health Department will begin taking individual appointments starting October 15th.
BLOOMINGTON - The McLean County Health Department estimates many people will be coming through its doors following open enrollment Tuesday October 1st.

About 15,000 people living in McLean County are without insurance.

That's why counselors at the health department are training to answer their questions.

The facility received a grant to hire two employees that will help people get signed up.

Currently, they're reaching out to agencies like the Baby Fold to help them understand the program.

Individual appointments will begin October 15th.

"We're beginning with a soft roll-out in the community and seeing how that goes first because we want people to have the best customer service experience possible,” said Brandi Wamhoff.

Two kiosks are expected to arrive at the health department in a few weeks for those wishing to enroll on their own.

Counselors will offer help from eight am to 4:30 pm beginning October 15th.

Call 309-888-5450 to make an appointment.

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