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Heyworth High School Students Get Hands on Lesson in Agriculture

HEYWORTH – Students at Heyworth High School are lending a hand at harvest time.
HEYWORTH - An interactive outdoor field trip is giving Heyworth High school students a hands on lesson in agriculture.

Monday, students had the opportunity to harvest 23 acres of soybeans.

Each year, a local farmer donates his land for the school to use.

Students drove a combine and observed a drone in action.

The four blade helicopter takes video and still photos of the land.

Students like sophomore Drake Gardner say technology is a big part of farming.

He’s excited to put his skills to use.

"You get to see the start from seed to the actual plant and you harvest it and you know it goes to animals,” said Gardner.

"This is what I want to do, I want to be part of this process,” added sophomore Brittany McMann.  “Just learning all this from Ag and the FFA classes I’m taking I hope it will help me in the future."

The school says many students do not live on a farm.

Giving them a chance to work in the field fosters a better understanding of agriculture.

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