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Home Sweet Home Ministries Honored for Work with Senior Citizens

BLOOMINGTON – A local outreach organization is being recognized for utilizing talents some say, get better with age.
BLOOMINGTON – A local outreach organization empowering people in need is being honored for its work with senior citizens.

Home Sweet Home Ministries has been named a "Champion Community Service Partner" for its efforts to hire elderly employees.

The award comes from "Experience Works,” a national organization helping low income seniors learn new job skills.

Those employed at Home Sweet Home Ministries say earning a paycheck is giving them a new lease on life.

"I probably wouldn't be here.  I'd probably be moving somewhere probably around family.  But, thank God I’m here,” said maintenance employee Augusta Anderson.

"I don't make enough to meet my needs and that was awesome that it could help old people like me,” smiled warehouse employee Margaret Gray.

This is the first time Home Sweet Home Ministries has received this award.

Staff members say they're happy to utilize the talents of older workers.

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