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Home Sweet Home Seeks Partners for Bread for Life Co-Op

The ministry is looking for partners to help donate food items.
BLOOMINGTON- Home Sweet Home Ministries is seeking partners for donations for its Bread For Life Co-Op.

Since Home Sweet Home has switched from a food pantry to a food co-op, the organization has lost its ability to receive government commodities.

That includes high demand items such as soups and pastas.

The Ministry will continue to get donations from Midwest Food Bank and community churches, but still needs the public's help to sustain the co-op.

"Peanut butter, the soups, beef stews, some pasta and those real high demand items. Those are what we used to rely on commodities for and so that's where we're particularly interested in finding partners in the community to support us," said Matt Burgess, Home Sweet Home's Chief Operating Officer.

Home Sweet Home plans to be at the Farmer's Market this month sharing information about the co-op and what you can do to help.

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