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Hometown Heroes: Nickolas, Daniel, and Aaron

This week's Hometown Heroes are three brothers from Bartonville.
Brothers Nickolas, Daniel, and Aaron of Bartonville come from a big, close family.

Sergeant Nickolas Auvil joined the Marine Corps out of high school in 2008.
He served two tours in Afghanistan, working in satellite communications.
Nickolas will marry his fiance' Jessica next May.

Corporal Dan Ellison got his Associates Degree at ICC before joining the Marine Corps in 2010.
He is currently in Afghanistan as part of the Aviation Ordinance Unit.
Dan and his wife Linda are based in South Carolina.

Senior Airman Aaron Ellison joined the Air Force in 2011 after completing his Bachelors Degree.
He works as a mechanical electrical technician, now deployed to Afghanistan.
Aaron's wife, Sarah is awaiting his return home in March.
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