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Hometown Heroes- Russell Bennett

This week's Hometown Hero is Sergeant First Class Russell Bennett.
Sergeant First Class Russell Bennett has spent 30 years serving his country. After 8 years of active duty in the Army, he moved to Peoria and joined the Army National Guard; acting as a standardization flight engineer instructor. With over 6300 hours of flight time, Russ sets the standard for the guys serving as the eyes and ears in the back of a Chinook helicopter.

While on his latest deployment in 2013, Russ began the fight of his life. He was medivaced out of Afghanistan and diagnosed with Anaplastic Large T-Cell Lymphoma. Like all of his missions, he's faced this one head on and with extreme bravery. Russ and his family are overwhelmed by all of the support from their friends and coworkers.

He loves his 5 daughters, 3 grand children, and the Chicago Blackhawks. When he's not working, you'll find him traveling to fish and scuba dive.

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