How to Care for the Elderly in the Hot Weather

How to Care for the Elderly in the Hot Weather

Nutritionists let you how to take care of those close to you.
EUREKA -The hot weather can be especially difficult for the elderly even if they don't know it.

Nutritionists at the Maple Lawn retirement community in Eureka say the elderly many times lack a thirst sensation making it tough for them to tell if they need water.

Those with dementia often forget to drink.

Experts recommend you include two to three drinks in each meal.

It is also important to encourage a steady intake of fluids throughout the day even if the elderly say they aren't thirsty.

“Something about getting older is a blessing. You just don't feel the heat quite as much as you do when you're younger. But you're at risk for the heat for dehydration,” said Dr. Jim Thomason.

Experts also say it’s important to check up on your loved ones more often during extreme heat.
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