ICC Deconstruction Program Teaches Property Worth

ICC Deconstruction Program Teaches Property Worth

Shows what can be reused in properties and vacant homes
Peoria - Classroom time is valuable for instructional learning. But one teacher at Illinois Central College is hitting the nail on the head with a new approach.

The deconstruction certificate program teaches people to see the worth in properties, what can be reused in another home and what really does need to be thrown out.

Thursday, the class took a break from its book studies to work on a house in Peoria's East Bluff the city was tearing down.

They found and removed rare and unique items like six panel oak doors and old growth fir hardwood floors.

ICC faculty says it's great to find treasures hidden in plain sight and keep them out of the landfill.

"What we want to do is take a second look and say what really is of value here,” said ICC faculty member Anne Nicklan. “Copper is easy. You take it down to the scrap market and get rid of it. That was all long gone before we hit this house. We said there are other markets. If we go to the Habitat Restore, if we go to the private market, if we have a sale, what are people interested in buying."

The habitat re-store is having one of those sales next Thursday at the East Peoria store from 1p.m. until 5p.m.

ICC currently has open registration for all classes.

Next semester's classes will be held Monday and Wednesday mornings.

Students who complete the program obtain a certificate in deconstruction and seven credit hours.

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