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Jeffrey’s Journey Part Two: A Look inside Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

PEORIA - After months of waiting, Jeffrey Inman's life is about to change.
PEORIA – On Halloween we introduced you to 27 year old Jeffrey Inman.

The young dad is about 450 pounds and has been battling his weight for years.

Monday, Inman had bariatric surgery to shrink his stomach and is now in recovery.

The Procedure:

After months of waiting, Jeffrey Inman's life is about to change.

"A new beginning where I can get in control of my health, get to a reasonable weight and maintain that weight and just be healthy for my son and I,” said Inman.

"I’m going to be there for him every step of the way,” added mom Debbi.  “If he thinks about bad habits again, the mom bear is coming out."

Inman is getting the duodenal switch.

The procedure is geared for those with excess body fat.

"Most of the stomach is removed in order for patients to be able to control their hunger with a very small amount of food,” explained General Surgeon, Dr. Stephen Marshall.  "The small bowel is rerouted so that the food that's eaten isn't absorbed as efficiently as it was beforehand.”

Marshall is performing the minimally invasive surgery with the help of a medical team, cameras, and a robot.

"We can see better through the laparoscope than we can through an open incision because patients’ requiring bariatric surgery are large and it's hard to see where we're working."

About 80 percent of the stomach is removed, so patients can only eat small portions.

"If you don't have much of a stomach it's easier to control the hunger,” Marshall explained.

While Doctor Marshall is happy to see people shed weight, his favorite part is preventing problems like heart disease and high blood pressure.

"See them go from taking 10 different medicines to one or two plus their vitamins.  That’s why I think the procedure should be done."

For patients like Inman, the surgery is a jump start towards a long life filled with healthier habits.

"Get to a reasonable weight, maintain that weight, and just be healthy for my son and I.”

Inman will spend a couple days recovering in the hospital and will be released on his 28th birthday.

The average person loses about 250 pounds in the first year.

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