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Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center Holds Research Symposium

Dozens of medical professionals showcased their hours of hard work on Tuesday morning.

PEORIA – Dozens of medical professionals in Peoria are giving us a glimpse of the wide-range of research work happening in the River City.


Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and more showed off their hours of hard work at the Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center on Tuesday morning.


The 14th annual event gives professionals an opportunity to learn about many specialties through the posters on display.


Doctor Stephen Hippler, the Senior Vice-President of Clinical Excellence, said the average citizen would be surprised to know how much high-level research is happening in the community. “I don't think people realize the extent of really basic clinical research that happens at the University, the translational research that happens here at Jump, and the clinical research at the bedside that happens in our clinics and our facilities and our hospitals every day."

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