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Last Government Shutdown Happened in 1996

The U.S. has not experienced a government shutdown since 1996, but if lawmakers don't reach a deal by midnight we could experience it again.
PEORIA – If lawmakers don’t agree on a budget by Midnight, the United States will experience a government shutdown. It’s been 17 years since a shutdown last occurred.

Bradley University Associate Professor, Dr. Craig Curtis, remembers the budget turmoil in 1996. Curtis said most of the government’s operations will continue on, but exactly what is considered “essential” is determined by the President.

Curtis said the biggest difference today, versus 1996, is the lack of money President Obama has to borrow from, should a shutdown take place. He said, “The ability for the President to continue to fund these things that are legitimately considered necessary, it definitely is not there, because the cash dollars just won't be there."
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