Learn How to Avoid Becoming A Victim of Thievery

Learn How to Avoid Becoming A Victim of Thievery

The Peoria Sheriff's Office will hold a workshop on how to avoid being a victim of all kinds of thievery.

Thieves are picking more than just your pocket these days.

That’s why the Peoria County Sheriff’s office will stage a presentation on Thursday night to inform people about how easy it is to become a victim of theft.

That includes everything from residential burglaries to computer fraud, identity theft and phone scams.

The presentation will also give helpful tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.  

“Identity theft…computer fraud, and residential burglaries are on the rise. If people can just take some precaution and take one or two little things from what we talk about, it's going to be worthwhile,” said Victim Service Coordinator Aimee Shinall.

The event will take place on Thursday from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M. at ICC’s North Campus. The workshop isfree, but seating is limited. Call 690-6900 to register. 

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