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Liquor License Changes in Peoria Puts Unruly Bars on Hot Seat

PEORIA - Businesses with liquor licenses who receive constant complaint will have to reappear in front of the Liquor Commissioner and improve issues if they want to keep their license.
PEORIA - A change in Peoria liquor licenses may put some unruly bars on the hot seat

The Peoria City Council approved these changes at Tuesday night's council meeting

Any business with a liquor license will have to reappear in front of the liquor commission, if they receive constant nuisance complaints.

Those range from unkept buildings to unruly patrons.

Each business will then enter into an agreement the liquor commissioner, and if the business doesn't comply with that agreement, it could lose its license.

The changes should help people living near those businesses that are causing constant problems.

At-large Peoria Council Member Beth Akeson, who helped spearhead the change, said, "For people who live in these neighborhoods that are close to liquor establishments, they now have a way to say 'Hey. We're going to bring this to the city's attention'."

This new model is based on a similar model used in Chicago.

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