LISC Making Headway in Peoria

LISC Making Headway in Peoria

Nearly two years later.
PEORIA – Nearly two years ago the Local Initiative Support Corporation announced its plans to start work in Peoria.

LISC chose the city's South Side and East Bluff to begin its mission. LISC is a national organization that helps build affordable housing, health care centers and community programs.  It has recently rolled out some rural housing programs, meeting with representatives from Peoria and Mason counties.

With the help of a $3-million grant, LISC has continued its work on foreclosure mitigation in the East Bluff.

“Developing some supportive housing, housing that's going to be sold to potential home owners, there's down payment assistance. We're partnering with the city to do some targeted demolitions,” said Brandon Holmes, LISC Executive Director.

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