Local Comic Book Stores Give out Free Comics

Local Comic Book Stores Give out Free Comics

PEORIA - Acme Comics in Peoria and Co-Op Records in Pekin took part in Free Comic Book Day.
PEORIA - From "Archie" to "G.I. Joe" - comic book stores around the world are trying to get more people interested in comic strips.

Over 2,000 stores celebrated Free Comic Book Day Saturday.

Acme Comics in Peoria was one of those participating stores.

The store was packed all day with die-hard fans and people thinking of starting up the hobby.

Store Manager Randy Witte said the free comics attract a wide range of comic book fans.

He added, "You got everything from really little kids books, like 'Hello Kitty', 'Archie', and 'Spongebob', up to the normal books, like 'X-Men', 'Spiderman', and 'Batman'.

Co-Op records in Pekin also gave out free comics.

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