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Local Nature Center Receives Grant from the State

Forest Park Nature Center gets money as part of a public museum grant program.
PEORIA - Peoria’s Forest Park Nature Center will soon have some upgrades. It is receiving $250,000 from the state.

This is part the state’s Department of Natural Resources Illinois Public Museum Capital Grants Program.

One update the center wants to complete is with the 100 Mile Hikers Club. Hikers will be able to log their miles online and use 3D maps that include topography.

J.D. Russell, the center's manager, also wants to create new interactive exhibits for its guests.

“Because we get a lot of return visitors here, so unfortunately, our displays can sometimes become stagnant,” Russell said. “This grant is going to greatly help us improve those.”

The preserve’s next step is for project designers to come in and plan the new exhibit through 2014. The upgrades should all be finished by the end of 2015.
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