Local Red Cross Employee Returns from Mississippi

Local Red Cross Employee Returns from Mississippi

Erin Miller spent two weeks helping with communications in tornado-stricken towns.

Erin Miller, Regional Communications Director for the Red Cross of Central Illinois, is back from helping tornado-ravaged towns in Mississippi.

Miller spearheaded all of the Red Cross efforts during last year’s flooding and tornado outbreaks.

That’s why she was chosen to head up relief efforts down south.

Miller coordinated volunteers and clean-up crews, dispersing medical supplies and organizing other recovery efforts.

She says even though she’s dealt with devastation locally, the experience in Mississippi was different because she didn’t know the area.

“There was quite a bit we had to figure out ‘on the fly’ I guess you could say, but we had great red cross staff and great chapters down there and wonderful volunteers,” says Miller. “We had a lot of volunteers who came in from the rest of the country, so it was a lot of expertise on the ground.”

Miller says she will used in Mississippi for any other future disasters.

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