Local School Gets Security Upgrades

Local School Gets Security Upgrades

Roosevelt Magnet School’s new main office makes the school safer.
PEORIA - District 150's Roosevelt Magnet School got some security upgrades over the summer.

The main office is now right inside the main entrance, and another set of doors were installed leading into the hallways and classrooms.

Both sets of doors are locked at all times forcing visitors to buzz in to the front office, and then every visitor must also check-in.

"With all the problems that are going on in schools today, this is just one way that we're trying to help contain some of it. Can't stop everything, but we're trying to do what we can,” District 150’s Lieutenant of School Safety Danny Swain said.

The new upgrades funnel visitors into the main office and allow school administrators to keep track of everyone who is in the building at all times.
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