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Local Woman Helping Ex-Felons Find Jobs

A local woman has started her own career agency, aiming to help those who need a second chance.

PEORIA – A local woman is donating her time and space to helping ex-felons find work.

Christina Wilson has a background in counseling, so she decided to start her own career agency.

It’s dedicated solely to those needing a second chance. Wilson offers a six-week counseling course that prepares ex-felons for their job search. She even is helping people get interviews with employers who will look past their record.

Wilson said, “I just want these men and women to work. That's all. I just want them to get a second chance, I want them to have another opportunity to prove themselves and say hey, I messed up but give me a chance and I can do better.”

George Warren, Jr. has taken advantage of Wilson’s services. He said, “It's pretty hard to get a job when you walk in places, people pretty much over look you. So getting that second chance and being able to come through Ms. Wilson's class and getting all the right structure and guidance it did me pretty good.”

Wilson’s services are free of charge. If you need help, she said all you need to bring is an ID and a positive attitude.

You can find more information http://www.wilsoncareeragency.com/.
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