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Man Behind Fake Mayor Twitter Page Suing City, Mayor

Jon Daniel has the help of the ACLU of Illinois in filing suit against the city and the mayor.
  The man admittedly behind the fake "Peoria Mayor" Twitter account is suing the city of Peoria, Mayor Jim Ardis, and several other city officials.
  This action comes two months after police officers raided his home as part of the investigation.
   Jon Daniel, the man who created the parody account claiming to be Mayor Jim Ardis, spoke publicly for the first time about the lawsuit that was filed in federal court in Peoria.
   The lawsuit claims Daniel's 1st and 4th Amendment rights were violated when officers raided and searched his home, but Peoria law enforcement officials say proper procedures were followed.
  Last month, Peoria County State's Attorney Jerry Brady said he's not filing criminal charges against Daniel.
  Daniel is also seeking monetary compensation, but neither he nor the ACLU will give a specific amount.
  They say they want to let the jury decide the case.

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