Mclean County Chamber of Commerce Hosts Legislative Update

Mclean County Chamber of Commerce Hosts Legislative Update

The local chamber met with state legislators to discuss issues important to local businesses.
BLOOMINGTON- The Mclean County Chamber of Commerce is concerned for the future of businesses in the Twin Cities.

On Tuesday, the Chamber of Commerce met with state lawmakers including senators Bill Brady and Jason Barickman to discuss issues concerning local businesses.

Some hot topics were minimum wage and the possibility of a progressive tax.

The Chamber is worried about additional costs and tax burdens on business owners.

They hope state legislators work to promote policies that will help to retain businesses in the community.

"One of the things we're concerned about is the uncertainty that our businesses face. Not knowing what additional expenses are going to be coming around. Not knowing what to expect so that they can plan and not only to have their businesses to continue to move forward but also to grow," said Todd Lowery, Government and Public Affairs Manager for the Mclean County Chamber of Commerce.

Around a 100 commerce members participated in Tuesday's legislative update.

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