Mini Medical Classes for Manual Students

Mini Medical Classes for Manual Students

Manual students learn science from UICOMP medical students

More than twenty manual academy students are getting some hands on training in the medical field.

They are taking part in a class at University of Illinois College of Medicine.

They are practicing sutures on replica patients... pig's feet to be exact.

It is the eleventh year of the program.

4th year medical student Thelben Burrell says, the goal is to get disadvantaged students interested in science and medicine.

 “We are exposing them and telling them it's out there, you can do it. We did it. That's another reason why we mentor. Just to let them know that we're here for you. This is how we got it. This is how we did it and you guys can too.”

Other classes offered this year by UICOMP students include dissecting a pig heart and taking part in a emergency medical simulation.

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