Morton Man Builds Storm Shelter

Morton Man Builds Storm Shelter

Wants to protect family before the next storm

Months after the November tornado devastated Tazewell County, one local man is taking steps to ensure that his family is ready for the next one.

Jerry Voelker is installing a safe-room.

Workers first cut a hole into the cement floor of Voelker's garage.

Once the dirt is removed, they will lower a steel box into the hole then seal the top with fresh cement.

A sliding trap-door will make the safe-room accessible even when a car is parked above it.

Voelker says safety is the biggest concern for his family.

“It's a piece of insurance as far as I’m concerned. It's useless if you don't use it, but it's priceless if you do.”

 Voelker says the six thousand dollar price tag is worth every penny in the event of a storm.

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