Multi-Million Dollar Expansions for Dunlap High School

Multi-Million Dollar Expansions for Dunlap High School

Students and faculty will open the door to lots of new changes at Dunlap High School and administrators believe they'll like what they see!
DUNLAP – Students at Dunlap High School should expect to walk into some major changes when they return to school August 15.

Construction on a $15.7 million project is finishing up.

The school principal, Tom Welsh, said Dunlap averages about 60-75 new students every year. Welsh said this construction is meant to help cater to that constant growth.

On Tuesday, crews continued working diligently to meet the expected deadline which is the first day of school.

Welsh is one of the many staff members that said they’re elated to welcome the multi-million dollar additions.

“We think we've built an incredible addition!”

He said despite recent budget issues in the district, this project didn’t add to any budget burdens.

“This is a building fund as opposed to an operational fund.”

Welsh gave a detailed rundown of why changes were needed at Dunlap High School. He mentioned two in particular.

“We needed better flow throughout the building,” Welsh explained, “I'm most excited about where we've got classrooms to match instruction. I really am.

He explained that the classrooms are specifically designed to augment student’s learning experience.

The first phase of the project was finished months ago. It included a new weight room and robotics lab.

Dunlap High School plans to hold an open house for the public in September.
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