National Dog Competition Coming to Peoria

National Dog Competition Coming to Peoria

The country's most talented work dogs will be at Three Sisters Park this weekend.

PEORIA - Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe is going to the dogs this weekend.

About forty dogs will compete in the American Working Dog Federation championship.

Organizers say the event will attract 2,000 people and pump $100,000 dollars into the local economy.

The dogs and their trainers will compete to earn a trip to Sweden for an international competition.

The judges at the event are from a variety of countries, including Serbia, Italy and Canada.

The event tests the dogs tracking ability, agility and most importantly- their obedience.

“The dog has to listen to you. We are not necessarily looking for the dog who's just robotic. But they have to have harmony. They have to have a nice, almost choreographed thing with their handler. Almost like a figure skater would have,” said President of the 2014 American Working Dog Federation Al Govednik.

The competition takes place on Friday and Saturday. 

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