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National Guard Soldiers Return Home Before Mother's Day

With those first steps off of that bus, there was a feeling of relief to be home again.
BLOOMINGTON - It's a moment families anticipate for months: soldiers returning from deployment overseas, and for many, it makes Mother's Day extra special this year.

Dozens of friends and family waited for members of the Army National Guard to come home from Afghanistan.

"You're happy to see him, but proud of him serving our country, and the freedom that we have because of soldiers like him,” said Lois Cowen.

With those first steps off of that bus, there was a feeling of relief to be home again.

"It's a job well-done, and everything I do, and my fellow soldiers do, that it's appreciated by the folks here and our immediate family,” said SFC James Cowen.

And Sgt. Britt Talley's return home is especially touching for his mom, Ruby.

"Best Mother's Day she's had in a while,” said her husband, Dennis.

"He left on my birthday. Now, he's home on Mother's Day, so it means a lot,” said Ruby Talley.

As family members embraced after months apart, tears of joy filled the room inside the National Guard Armory.

"Try to get around and see everybody, but there are certain ones where you want to stay with,” said Sgt. Talley.

"That was one of the things that I wanted was to be back home for Mother's Day and that happened,” said SFC Cowen.

And for the Talleys, the best surprise is yet to come, seeing his daughters on Saturday.

"They've got a big ball game tournament in Springfield, and he's going to walk on the field as an umpire and surprise them," said Ruby Talley.

Most of these soldiers were deployed in September. They trained alongside of and served with polish land forces.

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