New Epi-Pen Law for Schools

New Epi-Pen Law for Schools

School nurses are no longer the only ones allowed to administer an epi-pen injection.

CREVE COEUR - Time is of the essence with some allergic reactions.

Medicine, like an epi-pen, needs to be given right away.

A new state law will allow other school personnel to be trained to administer those injections.

Previously, only nurses were allowed to give that crucial shot to a student or person in need.

Gov. Pat Quinn signed the law yesterday.

“These are life threatening situations, so everybody wants to do what's right for kids, and I think we'll get our staff trained and be able to take care of things if anything ever happens,” Creve Coeur Dist. 76’s superintendent Shayne Aldridge said.

Aldridge says he wants staff who work in the cafeteria during lunch or monitor recess to get trained. Those are the places where a student is most likely to have an allergic reaction.

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