New Food Handler Law Additional Cost for Small Businesses

New Food Handler Law Additional Cost for Small Businesses

Illinois law now requires all food handlers to go through a training course.

PEORIA - A new food handler law could put some small businesses on the chopping block.


The Illinois law went into effect yesterday, and it requires any restaurant employee who handles food to complete a food safety course.


One World co-owner Sam Eid says they already have some employees certified but will now have to certify nearly half of their staff.


He says between this new law and the possible minimum wage increase, it can be tough on small restaurant businesses.


“You can’t always pass on all of these costs to the customer. You can’t add a dollar every time something goes up to the burger,” Eid said. “You have to be competitive in the market. So it’s really hard.”


Eid said the cost should not be too high for them because its sister restaurant, 225, has an employee who is certified to teach the course. They plan on using her to certify all 80 of their employees.

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