New Law to Help Prevent Domestic Violence Victims

New Law to Help Prevent Domestic Violence Victims

ILLINOIS - The new law goes in to effect January of next year.
SPRINGFIELD - A new state law is aiming to help those that are victims of domestic violence .

It will possibly prevent more abusive situations from happening.

Governor Pat Quinn signed the bill Friday.

The new law will require abusers to be assessed in order to determine their threat level.

Those ruled as extremely violent will have to wear an electronic surveillance bracelet issued by the court.

The goal is to know where the abusers are at all times and stop a potentially dangerous situation before it occurs.

Martha Herm, Executive Director for the Center for Prevention of Abuse; "What it does is protects the victim. I mean, we have to remember that an order of protection is a piece of paper. It is not a bulletproof vest."

This new law will go in to effect next year.

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