New Mobile Game Takes a Stab at Asian Carp

New Mobile Game Takes a Stab at Asian Carp

Kamikaze Karp puts the player in the shoes of a bowhunter shooting the flying fish.
PEORIA – One local software company is showing off a new mobile game, and it wants you to get hooked.

It’s called Kamikaze Karp. CSE Software Inc. has been working on this project for nearly six months, and it was just released last week.

The game let’s you be the bowhunter as you aim at flying fish coming towards your boat.

And the inspiration for the game: the invasive Asian Carp.

“There are a lot of new businesses cropping up in the area that do the bowhunting for carp. And so since they infested the Illinois River, that new business has brought a lot of attention to the area, and we decided to do a video game to expand on that,” developer Jade Skaggs said.

The game is available on Apple devices for free, and the next order of business for the company: making it available on Android devices.

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