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Old Glen Oak Park Pavilion Ready for Renovations

The building is being transformed into the Peoria Playhouse, a children’s museum.
PEORIA - After years of planning, the Peoria Playhouse is starting to become a reality.
Yesterday marked the first day of renovations on the 120 year old Glen Oak Park Pavilion.
The new children’s museum should be ready come June of next year.
The budget for the project is $6 million, and the park district plans on gutting the entire building.
“The boiler from 1894 when the building was built is still here in the building, so we’re taking that out,” Emily Cahill, Peoria Park District’s assistant to the director, said. “We’re starting over, updating everything to today’s standards so that this is a high-quality facility for those who come and visit us.”
The Peoria Playhouse will be an interactive museum for kids, and all of its exhibits will revolve around the city’s past, present and future.

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