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Organizations Team Up to Feed Residents

Molina Healthcare and New Beginnings Ministries hand out 100 food baskets.

PEORIA – Molina Healthcare and New Beginnings Ministries are teaming up to help residents at Sterling Towers.

The groups donated 100 baskets for free groceries to residents Friday.

Those baskets hold enough food to feed each resident for 1 month.

Many of the residents rely on the SNAP program, which has recently seen major cuts.

The baskets help make up for the help lost due to SNAP cuts.

“We have ham, milk butter bread, and chips,” says Barbara Miller of New Beginnings Ministries. “It’s enough for a meal for a week. That $1,000 grant has just been able to purchase so many things that we were in dire need of.”

Sterling Towers plans to host a monthly food drive for residents with donations made by local organizations.

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