OSF Educates People about Cancer at Festival

OSF Educates People about Cancer at Festival

PEORIA - This is the 4th year for Party for a Purpose.
PEORIA - OSF Saint Francis Medical Center made a serious subject less scary for people Sunday night.

It hosted its fourth annual Party for a Purpose on the Peoria Riverfront.

The festival was meant to bring awareness to cancer.

People could enjoy riverfront entertainment, while at the same time, learn about ways to prevent cancer.

That included on-site screenings.

Cancer can be a scary topic, which is why OSF wanted to educate people in a more relaxing way.

Kathi Copelen from OSF St. Francis Medical Center said, "That's why we call it 'party for a Purpose'. The party is to give, there is hope, especially if you get screened. That;s what we are about today. There is hope. If you get screened, and we can catch it early enough, we can help you."

For the first three years, the party only focused on lung cancer.

This is the first year osf opened it up to other forms.

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