Pekin Inmates Donate Backpacks to Peoria Youngsters

Pekin Inmates Donate Backpacks to Peoria Youngsters

It's part of the Save a Child Foundation.


PEORIA - Inmates at the Pekin prison are doing their part to make sure kids in Peoria don’t go down the wrong path.


They donated 23 backpacks to the Save a Child program.


The program enrolls kids to help pick up trash in Peoria.


The inmates heard about their good work and sent them the backpacks as a gift.


They also included $100 for school supplies.


“To see someone in prison doing wonderful things like that, it's a blessing to a lot of people. So we do know once you've been incarcerated, that there's a chance that you can change your life, around because they did a wonderful job," said founder of the group Forest Holcomb Jr.


The Save a Child Foundation is hardly a year old and is looking to do more programs for kids.


The helping encourage youngsters in Peoria to have a positive self image and not bully others.

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