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Pekin Students Celebrate a Role Model Out of this World

One school in Pekin is honoring its namesake.

PEKIN - One school in Pekin is honoring its namesake.


 Scott Altman Elementary School honored the astronaut with a bronze bust.


The statue will now sit at the school after being  at the Tazewell County Museum since 2011.


The school held a ceremony for Altman, Friday.


The statue will serve as a reminder to students about Altman’s legacy and that they too can have a promising future.



“Hopefully, the bust will be a reminder to them that there was somebody who grew up here, in this area, and went to space, that they can do the same thing,” says Altman. “There are great things in front of them and a wonderful future out there."


  The statue will stay at the school for at least three years.

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