People on Wait List for Popular Driving Class

People on Wait List for Popular Driving Class

Class aims to make the roads a little safer

MOSSVILLE - Most people take drivers education because they have to, but one optional class in Mossville is so popular… there's a waiting list to attend.

It's called Street Survival.

33 students, ages 15 to 21 signed up for a day of dangerous traffic situations.

These simulations include high-speed merging traffic, avoiding objects, and emergency braking.

Students drive their own cars, for a more real-life feel.

Event organizers say the once-a-year class prepares students for those unexpected situations.

"I liken it to a police officer wearing a bullet proof vest. It's a good thing to have, you are glad you have it, you hope you never have to use it, but when the day comes, you want it to be there and work like it's supposed to" says Event Coordinator Rick Largen.

Rick Roudebush of Peoria’s BMW Car Club explains "We reinforce the good habits and try to dispel the bad ones. Very important things that are taught here that unfortunately don't have time or the ability to teach in Drivers Ed."

Today's lesson also included a simulation of semi-traffic blind spots and wet pavement driving.

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