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Peoria Businesses Forced to Close After Main Breaks

PEORIA - The water main break affected a big chunk of business in the area surrounding downtown Peoria.
PEORIA - The water main break affected a big chunk of business in the area surrounding downtown Peoria. Some places closed up shop before they could even open, but even those who didn't close, could tell you it was no picnic.

The Monday night dinner rush almost didn't happen at Alexander's Steakhouse. Right before they were to open, Manager Matt Cannon got a call from the health department about the boil order.

"Can't use the soda lines, can't use any ice, any water, nothing. So, we decide last minute we're going to have to close up," said Matt Cannon, manager of Alexander's.

The short notice didn't give staff much time to prepare.

"If I had known at 12, not a big deal. We can buy the sodas; we can buy the bottled water. We can boil water all day long, but five minutes before we open, I don't have time for any of that," said Cannon.

So, they started to close.

"We were just trying to get the lights turned off, get the signs up on the door and just let people know that we weren't going to be open. And then the thought was what'd we make today that involved water," said Cannon.

After throwing out prepared foods and brews from the day, Cannon had to reverse course again.

"We got a call back from the health department saying you're good to go. Boil order doesn't affect you. So, then we went into reverse mode, starting setting everything back up and tried to get all the staff back in," said Cannon.

Other restaurants couldn't open at their normal time because of the boil order.

When Haddad's owner Rita Speck saw water flowing from the faucet, she thought her business was in the clear.

"They asked if we lost water, and we said no. They were, like, well, you should be fine, but people all around us were losing water, which was unfortunate," said Speck.

But when the day was done, the boil order made its way to the restaurant.

"I'm going to have to stay back and get rid of the ice and everything. Canned sodas tomorrow," said Speck.

Around 350 restaurants and shops were affected by the boil order. Many other businesses we talked to didn't hear about the boil order until later in the day.

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