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Peoria City Council Gives $80K for Fresh Food Options on South Side

The Bosch Supermarket Park will move forward, after the city council approved funding for the project.

PEORIA – A new plan for food will soon help to fill a big void on Peoria’s south side.


Tuesday night, city council voted to pay a total of $80,000 to fund the Bosch Supermarket Park project.


The funding will support the effort, which is spearheaded by Bosch and the Gifts in the Moment Foundation.


Along with the city, both groups are working together to offer people on the south side fresh food and produce.


Residents there have been without a grocery store for months.


Kim Keenan is a co-director for GITM foundation. She said, "It allows us to expand programming that we already have in place that Bosch supermarket Park will become a hub, which will allow us to have, with a partnership with the YMCA, a mobile food van."


People will be able to shop near the garden at the corner of Western and Marquette, or a food van will deliver fresh produce to neighborhoods, like Taft Homes, at least once a week.

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