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Peoria County Asks for Input on Unused Property

County holds public meeting for input on how to use the old Hanna City Work Camp.
PEORIA COUNTY - Peoria county leaders asked for public input Saturday at a meeting to discuss a use for the old Hanna City Work Camp.

The facility closed more than a decade ago under Governor Ryan. Some of the building are used for storage, others are deteriorating and sit empty.

Most of the discussion focused around a large scale farmers market. David Henebry chairs the county’s Facilities Master Planning Ad-Hoc Committee and said it could be a networking place for growers to meet with retailers like grocery stores and restaurants to sell large volumes of produce.

"Of course these uses are fairly restricted based on what the site was and it can only be used for public functioning in other words it cannot be revenue generating," Henebry said.

There is still debate as to whether a food hub is the best plan. Henebry said he hopes to have a solution by fall of this year.
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