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Peoria District 150 Approves Free Library Cards for all Students

PEORIA - Many students who live in West Peoria have had to pay for their card, because they are not Peoria residents.
PEORIA - District 150 students who couldn't get a free Peoria Public Library card before can now do so.

The board unanimously voted to allow students who don't live in Peoria to get a free card.

These are mainly students at Calvin Coolidge Middle School and Whittier Primary School who live in West Peoria.

Because they weren't residents of Peoria, they had to pay for a card.

"Some of our school have had a goal of 100% of the kids getting library cards, so they can get in to the public libraries and use them," said interim Treasurer Dave Kinney. "This is certainly a way for the public library to help us out."

This now goes to the Peoria Public Library Board for approval.

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