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Peoria Man Thinks Outside the Box to "Pop the Question"

PEORIA - Derick Leibel used a flash mob to propose to his girlfriend, Chelsee Wineburner
PEORIA - Getting down on one knee wasn't going to cut it for one Peoria man looking to pop the question.

When Derick Leibel realized he wanted to marry his girlfriend, Chelsee Wineburner, he knew he needed to go outside the box.

So he decided to get friends, family, and volunteers together Saturday day to form a flash mob and catch her by surprise.

In the end - Derick walked through the mob - got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

For those wondering, Chelsee said yes.

She says she was surprised, but happy, Derick proposed this way.

"I cried," Chelsee said. "I was really surprised. I had no idea. None."

"It feels good to take a deep breath. It's finally over and everything went well," Derick added. "Seeing her face on the way down made me tear up, seeing her cry."

Derick says the next step is wedding planning.

The pair would like to get married sometime next Spring.

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