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Peoria Native Speaks Spreads Important Message

Captain Michael O'Brien back in town to talk about his work.

  PEORIA - A Peoria native returned home today to talk about an urgent problem in the United States Military.

 Captain Michael O'Brien spoke to the local Kiwanis Club as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

 Captain O'Brien is part of the United States Air Force Special Victims Council.

 He helps military members, who are victims of sexual assault, work their way through the criminal justice system.

The Peoria high school graduate discussed how the military handles sexual assault cases.

“I think the more aware people are of sexual assault as a big problem there. I think more people will report it when it happens. And we can hopefully close it down and eliminate it as a problem,” said Captain O’Brien.

Captain O’Brien was last at a Kiwanis meeting as a part of the Peoria High Key Club- 13 years ago.


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