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Peoria Notre Dame Principal Leaving

Principal Roy is leaving Notre Dame, but the students believe they should be given a clear reason as to why he isn't finishing the year.

Peoria - Controversy is unfolding over a change  at Peoria Notre dame high school.

Principal Charlie Roy is leaving the Peoria area after seven years at the high school.

Students we talked to say they're just upset about the way the whole situation was handled.   

They feel Principal Roy's leaving is sudden and they don't understand why he  isn't Finishing the school year at Notre Dame.

Students staged a "sit-in" in support of Principal Roy after the announcement this morning.

Here's student cell phone video during that assembly--take a look.

Students say they didn't get many answers outside of that statement.

That's why they staged the sit in, in support of Roy.

Roy is taking over as the President and principal at Villanova Preparatory Catholic High School in California.

Students received an email about the change last night.

They, along  with parents, say all of this came as a shock.

Current Assistant Principal, Randy Simmons, will act as interim principal at Notre Dame for the remainder of the school year.

Principal Roy also sent out his own email to students, parents, and the notre dame community announcing his move.

In this email, Roy says Simmons is providing him with the time needed to transition to the new post beginning this summer.

The Diocese isn't saying much more about the changes.

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