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Peoria PlayHouse Children's Museum Begins Next Phase in Development

Funding has reached the point to where they can begin construction.
PEORIA - Those overseeing the project's development announced they've raised ninety percent of funds needed to support the Children's Museum.
That's a three percent increase from March, and means they can start construction.
The Peoria Park District's planning division is currently getting bids for general construction.
The Peoria Playhouse Project has been in the works for more a decade.

“People are realizing the importance of this in our community. How close we are. So everyone is jumping on board in the end. And we hope that will keep going because we still have that little bit of gap that we have to raise,” said Brenda O’Russa who is overseeing the project.
The project is still $600,000 thousand dollars away from being entirely funded. Construction is expected to

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