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Peoria Police, Sheriff's Department Collaborate for School Safety Programming

The Peoria Police and Peoria County Sheriff's Department are joining forces to teach more than 50 area schools how to be prepared, should a shooting incident ever occur.

PEORIA – A school shooting can happen in just three minutes, and by the time police arrive, it’s most likely already over.


That’s why District 150 teachers are learning how to respond and protect their students if ever face to face with an active shooter.


The new programming was created by the Peoria County Sheriff’s Department and Peoria Police Department.


The PowerPoint presentation featured audio released after the Sandy Hook shooting and some graphic images. Peoria Police Lieutenant Steve Roegge said the goal is to make people think, and help them understand those tragedies can happen anywhere. “We want these people to understand that you've done fire drills for so many years, but now this is something different. We want you to actually take these seriously because these incidents do occur in schools and that's unfortunate."


After teachers view the presentation, they’ll go through a drill with their students, which is now required by the state of Illinois.


Lt. Roegge said he’s also had requests from area businesses to come in and teach this information.

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