Peoria Public Schools to Get Chief Legal Officer

Peoria Public Schools to Get Chief Legal Officer

District 150 board approves contract for new officer.

PEORIA – Peoria District 150 will now have a chief legal officer.

Monday night, the District 150 school board approved the contract for Richard Rettberg, who will serve as the new officer.

The district will pay Mr. Rettberg nearly $214,000 in salary and benefits for the first year, $209,000 the next two years.

He will serve as the main legal counsel for the district.

District 150 will still use current board attorneys for outside general legal assistance when needed.

The district hopes having a legal officer internally will help financially.

“There’s the strategic benefit of having someone inside, as well as the financial benefit of being the gatekeeper for how we take a look at how we do our financial resources and cost of legal representation,” says Board President Rick Cloyd.

The district also approved a 1-3% salary increase for non-union, off-schedule employees.

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