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Peoria Residents Reconnect with their German Heritage at Volksfest

Peoria German-Americans celebrate their culture.
PEORIA - Peoria German-Americans are celebrating their culture today.

The Peoria German-American society put on its annual Volksfest, a festival that takes place in many German towns at least once a year.

The celebration has been going on in Peoria since the 1930s, when German immigrants first brought it to the United States.

Vendors served traditional German food and beer, and there were plenty of family-friendly activities.

Organizers say it’s all part of acknowledging the impact of German culture in Peoria.

“We promote our culture and that goes back into the 30s. Uh, we just try to keep with our German traditions and stuff so it doesn't die,” said Festival Chairman Al Smith.
The Peoria German-American society hosts a public dinner every Friday night at their center, the Lindenhof.
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