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Peoria School District Hiring Bus Drivers

District 150 hopes to hire 40 new bus drivers
PEORIA - Peoria School District 150 is looking to fill some vacant seats.
It held a job fair searching for bus drivers today.
The district says it hopes to hire 40 new drivers.
Drivers typically work from about 6 until 9 in the morning and again from 2 until 5 in the afternoon.
"It's basically you're sitting up higher than the rest of the traffic,” Assistant Direct of Transportation James Barrett said. “You're looking down and your vehicle of course is a little bit longer, well a lot longer.  But it's not as difficult as people might think.  The perception is wrong about how can't drive a school bus."
Applicants must be at least 21 years of age with a valid Driver’s License.
They must pass a background check as well as drug tests and a physical exam.
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