Peoria Zoo Talks Conservation and Recycling

Peoria Zoo Talks Conservation and Recycling

Hosts "Party for the Planet" in honor of Earth Day
PEORIA - Visitors at the Peoria Zoo got an extra lesson with their admission today.

They were the guests of honor at the zoo's "Party for the Planet."

The event is supposed to teach people how to make the environment a safer and cleaner place to live.

The animals got in on the action too.

Volunteers filled paper-mache globes with treats and put them in the exhibits.

“Recycling, reducing, re-using. The real message is that everybody can do something small and all those small differences add up to make a big difference” explain Assistant Curator of Education Julie Brunton.

The next special event at the Peoria Zoo is “Pirate and Princess Day” on May 3rd.
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