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Planting a Healthy Community

Keller students grow garden.
PEORIA - Building a healthy community from the ground up.
That's a seed students at Kellar Primary School are planting early, and it's paying off.
The first of the community garden products are starting to show.
Students, parents, and teachers have been planning for 6 months.
Monday, they're celebrating their garden of hard work.
The garden holds ten plots, growing everything from flowers to watermelon.
The school hopes this gives a "hands on" approach to class.
"I think it's a huge asset for the teachers,” Garden Organizer Dan Adler said. “They can come out to a living laboratory any time that they want and talk about the natural growing cycle.”
Neighborhood associations and Peoria businesses have given materials and financial support to the project.
A group of volunteer students will take care of the garden over summer break.
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